The Evils of Capitalism

As American capitalism slips into crony capitalism, corporate socialism, or outright fascism (take your pick of the label), some of its evil aspects become more and more apparent. This feature will focus on news and analysis that shows the dark side of pursuing profit above all other values.

Yes, there will be a separate feature on the evils of government.

As this is the website for my ministry, you may think of these as sermons, although I don’t promise to structure them in the usual format of a sermon.

This page will contain links to each of the articles that are part of this feature, as well as links to sources, articles from other sites, and resources on this topic.

Please remember to keep all of your comments on this (and other topics here) polite and respectful. We can disagree on opinions, you can present facts that were left out of the news report or the analysis, but name-calling and talking-point slogans will not be accepted. Thank you for keeping it civilized.