On Love Wins

I recently acquired my own copy of Rob Bell‘s book, Love Wins, which made quite a splash when it came out. I read it a few years ago, and it may be a while before I read it again, so this is not a book review. Consider it a few observations about the reaction to … More On Love Wins

Moral Issues

Melodie Romeo posted this today and it is very timely and spot on. No matter what you think of politics, the visit of this Pope at this time to the USA is a chance for us all to step out of our divisions and reclaim some of the moral issues that used to unite us. … More Moral Issues

Kindness Resources

One of the best blogs I’ve found recently for walking the kindness path is A Year of Living Kindly. The lovely Donna Cameron who authors that site is inspiring me to be more kind and more aware. Her page full of quotes and books is a resource that should be shared widely. Here’s the link … More Kindness Resources