It’s Never Crowded Along the Extra Mile – Wayne Dyer|
Posted by: Jay Denhart-Lillard November 23, 2015

 While we have a millions reasons to help others:

– Some people REALLY need our help
– It makes the world a better place
– It builds trust and love
– It makes us feel good — it actually makes us happier!

… we also have a million things that stop us from going that extra mile and helping others:
– I don’t have time today
– I don’t really know that person
– I can’t help everyone in that situation
– Other people are in a better position to do it

What we have to do is realize that if we don’t reach out and offer assistance freely and often, we are actually creating a world where grace and helpfulness is scarcer and scarcer. And we were meant to live more abundantly.

So let’s start creating the world that we want to live in. Stop the excuses, and start giving. After all, we know the upside is happiness, right?

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