What Type of Minister Are You?

I saw this phrase in a catalog from a Christian publisher — “vocational ministry” — and it got me thinking about what types of ministry there are and which one I am doing.

Once you consider the matter, it seems clear that not all those who minister are doing what amounts to a vocation, a job or a profession that is their source of income.

Some people of faith minister by advocating for justice or mercy or kindness, some by educating in morality and logic and civility, some by providing immediate needs or short-term hope and help or long-term solutions for the least of these, some by offering ceremonies and ritual for those unable to receive them through their usual houses of worship, some by working to restore areas damaged by mankind, and in other ways.


Many of these non-vocational ministers will receive little if any compensation for their efforts and they aren’t doing their ministries to be paid.


Memphis Service Ministries offers ceremonies for which we do request a fee, as well as educating and advocating (primarily through this site) which is free. The services we offer include weddings, funerals, namings, and blessings.

We look forward to the day when we are able to offer a wide variety of services to the least of these, as well.

So, people of faith, what type of minister are you? What are you doing to help the children of God and the other living beings that share the Earth?


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