Making your mark

No matter what you think about the Dalai Lama, Leanne makes some good points in this post. Well worth reading and acting upon.



I love this quote for its humour and underlying wisdom.

I have to smile when I think of many a cheap hotel or hostel I have stayed in to be awoken by that annoying whiny high pitched buzz. Such a tiny creature has the power to get me out of bed and, in a most unbuddhist way, have me swing and club at the tiny disturber of my slumber. I have been known to walk down flights of stairs to the front desk to see if they have mosquito repellant. I have loaded some high pitched app on my ipod which supposedly deters mozzies.

This quote always comes to mind when my country goes to the poll and it it is time to vote, I am not an avid follower of politics but I do believe I need to exercise my right to vote. Although my vote has not tipped…

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3 thoughts on “Making your mark

  1. Thanks for the re-blog Tim. I am sure there is an equivalent verse in the bible espousing this same sentiment. I just find the imagery used in this quote very humourous yet very apt and relate able!

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    1. I don’t have anything personally against the Dalai Lama or Buddhism, as I’m a UU and rather heterodox in my Christianity. I have seen some folks who pointed out how generic and shallow his statements are when you actually analyze them for content, but far too many people find value in what he says for me to totally accept their argument. Mostly, I said “whatever you think” of him to keep the focus on what YOU were saying about what he said. Does that make sense?

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      1. Yes it does. I find value in readings from many religions. I am not a buddhist. I am not a church going Christain but I find some valuable teaching in both Buddhism Christianity. To me many religions have an element of common truth. I was reading about Ominism and a lot of it rang true for me. Maybe I am an ominist.

        I like this ” Not one religion or the other should be superior, preach to convert or kill in the name of “their god/s)” Everyone has their own ways of thinking and believing.”
        I have friends of many different creeds. They are all devout and are all great people. They are accepting of others and live kind and compassionate lives. Religions that promote this are good. I think religions get a bad rap when they fall prey to fanaticism. The basic message can be twisted and lost. As in a debate one statement can be taken and argued to fit anyone’s point of view.

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