Gratitude, Generosity and Peace

Sometimes, you read something and you can hear the voice of the Spirit speaking so clearly that all you can do is be still and listen.

I will confess that I have never really understood the usual Christian trinity. (This is probably why I find that Unitarianism fits me better — one God who chooses to present Himself/Herself as they see fit in all times to all people. )

Sure, I get YHVH, God the father, the Ancient Hebrew tribal deity who demanded that His people worship no others and who was often depicted as brutal when they ignored Him. God the father, who became something of an impossible-to-conceive being when the Hellenized Paul and whoever wrote the book of John got done with re-imagining Him.

And I get Jesus, the holy son who was sent to preach the Way and whose ministry was so short, yet so well-remembered.

But, the Spirit? Never really got that part of the trinity. Most of the attributes that I might ascribe to a Holy Spirit have been given to God the Father by the usual Christian theologians. And without the Spirit as the bridge between Father and Son, how does this 3-persons-in-one-being thing work, anyway?

And yet, sometimes, the Voice of the Spirit can be heard. For me, this seems to be strongest when religious voices are silent, but religious values are being communicated in thought or deed.

This article below did that. So, go read it already!

Gratitude, Generosity and Peace



5 thoughts on “Gratitude, Generosity and Peace

  1. Yes, that is a big part of it. There is also the matter of terms or words that are specific to your religion. What really appealed to me about the post that I commented upon in mine was how she did not use any religious terms, except those that everyone should understand (generosity, gratitude, connection). I am always looking for ways to translate jargon into generally-understood wording. Sometimes, that aint easy. 😀 And religious jargon is as bad as legal or medical or IT or …


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